Laser Hairline Designer


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  • Scharf hairline designer
  • easy to draw precise hairline .
  • ergonomic grip .
  • works with 3v Batteries
  • 2 years warranty

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  • Instructions for use:

    A. Wear goggles if you use the laser meter for a long time

    B. Aim the measuring device at the center of the patient’s face to maintain balance

    C. Draw a center point on your eyebrows and hairline

    D. Keep the equipment balanced and turn on the switch to find out whether the laser position is at the center point

    E. Align the eyebrows, turn on the switch and find the center of the eyebrows

    F. Ensure that the laser beam is parallel and the arms are aligned

    G. Move the vertical beam between the eyebrows and mark the center point

    H. Move up and down according to the shape the patient wants, keep the balance, comb the hair back, and do not block the laser beam

    I. Do not have bright light in the room. Make sure to see the laser beam clearly

    J. After the hairline is drawn, let the patient have a look at his hairline and make adjustments if he is not satisfied

    K. To draw eyebrows, the patient should first close his eyes, turn the device upside down, align with the highest point of the eyebrows, and draw the center point of the eyebrows after balance

    Supply area:

    Select the posterior occipital region and draw a straight vertical line. Align the central occipital region with the supply area after shaving. Draw the supply area

    Limitations of equipment:

    1. When the patient’s skull is asymmetrical, the vertical alignment beam should be ignored and the horizontal beam should be adjusted to define a hairline and the center of the hairline drawn

    2. It may be more natural to draw an asymmetrical hairline in the case of an asymmetrical skull. The device can only be used as a tool, which requires the doctor’s judgment and the patient’s requirements.

    The use of safety precautions must be taken:

    1. When purchasing and using, please follow the operation instructions

    2. Wear goggles when using for a long time. The doctor should clearly tell the patient to close his/her eyes, so as to avoid damage to the eyes caused by reflex

    3. Don’t look directly at a laser beam

    4. The equipment should be carefully placed after use. Please do not bend or fold the equipment, which may cause laser beam misalignment.

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